B. Quincy Griffin & Luqman Frank / SF Bay Area, CA

On the cusp of releasing their infectious classic soul inspired album, Luqman and Quincy reveal the journey of creating it – the challenges, the unexpected opportunities - and the unstoppable passion for their collaborative craft.

B. Quincy Griffin is a music composer and producer based in Oakland, California. He has scored numerous award winning and Oscar nominated films. More information and music available for license at

Luqman Frank is a singer/songwriter from Berkeley, California who has been a fixture of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for the past decade. A seasoned entertainer, he has performed live on stage with artists such as Carlos Santana, Yolanda Adams and Narada Michael Walden, to name a few. His voice and songwriting touch can be heard on soundtracks for ESPN, MTV, and EA Sports as well as countless local, national and worldwide musical projects.


Devon Farr / Los Angeles, CA
A professional dancer re-imagines her joy and understanding of life during Covid-19.

Devon specializes in Middle Eastern dance and performs professionally in and around Los Angeles, where she has lived her whole life.

Nicholas Carter

Nicholas Carter / Middle Tennessee
Home-bound and chronically ill for over a year, once-nomadic filmmaker Nicholas unravels deeper meaning from the pain and uncertainty of a fragile moment.


Angelica Trimble-Yanu / Oakland, CA
Angelica Trimble-Yanu was born and raised in Oakland, California, and is an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota nation from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Angelica has received a Bachelors in General Fine Arts with a focus in Printmaking and Sculpture.

Carolina 2

Carolina Martinez Araya / Puerto Rico
A wheelchair-bound and sight-impaired former dancer who recently survived the Zika virus, Carolina must now cope with the daunting challenges posed by COVID-19.

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Alma Loredo / Salinas, CA
Local grassroots organizers help transform schools for the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis in Salinas, California.

Padres Unidos’s mission is to transform schools into healthier and more equitable environments principally by investing in parental leadership and community action. Alma has worked alongside her supportive colleagues at the Comite Padres Unidos to help parents become stronger advocates for their children’s education and socio-emotional well-being in the Eastside area of Salinas.

Ronnie Goodmand

Ronnie Goodman / San Francisco, CA
Ronnie Goodman, a self-taught homeless artist and distance runner talks about his work. He was preparing for an exhibition at the PS1 MOMA in Queens, New York.

Ronnie passed away August 7, 2020 in San Francisco’s Mission District. He was 60.

For more information:

This COVIDeo was shot and edited by Morgan Schmidt-Feng.

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Carmen Pellerin / Berkeley, CA
Carmen Pellerin is the manager of a transitional housing program for young adults that are homeless. She tells her residents "Whichever path you choose, someone will be there to support that decision, good or bad, so choose wisely because you are the one that will reap the reward or the consequence". Carmen was raised in Oakland, works in Berkeley, and resides in Sacramento, CA.

Ruth Kirschner

Ruth Kirschner / San Francisco, CA
Originally created from the mind of nationally produced award-winning playwright Ruth Kirschner, Cecelia Delivers has evolved into a digital campaign created to inform, educate and remind registered voters to plan their vote and vote early in 2020. 

This COVIDeo was shot by Morgan Schmidt-Feng and edited by Eva Maldonado. Cecelia is played by Kimberly Richards.

Lloyd Francis 2020-2

Lloyd Francis / San Francisco, CA
Everyone had plans until 2020 arrived with a virus, and police killings that sparked a movement.

Linda and Peter

Linda and Peter Freund / Barcelona, Spain
Journalist Linda Freund and Artist Peter Freund both work in video, the former to answer and explain, the latter to question representation itself. This makes for a fun film collaboration...and marriage.


Milena Elias-Reyes / Brooklyn, NY
Milena Elias-Reyes is an actor, singer, songwriter, painter, baker, skater, guitar-player, jewelry-maker who happens to be a teenager from Brooklyn.


Autumn Payne / Sacramento, CA
Autumn Payne is an independent visual journalist based in Sacramento.

Copy of PamUzzell_headshot_1

Pam Uzzell / Oakland, CA
Pam is a documentary filmmaker currently living in Oakland, CA.

Her podcast features interviews with a variety of artists: Art Heals All Wounds


Andy Jordan / San Francisco, CA
Andy Jordan is a gay joy seeker, writing a book about mountains, isolation, and love. He's coping with a COVID-19 related layoff, while being isolated for nearly three months.

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