Brad MarshlandProducer / Writer

Brad Marshland entered Harvard with the intention of studying medicine. Then one semester, the class he took just after “Inorganic Chemistry” each Tuesday was “Visual and Narrative Perspective in Film.” His choice was easy.

For the past twenty years, Brad has been a prolific writer and director in just about every medium. He has sold screenplays in Hollywood, had stage plays produced on both coasts, and has written and directed everything from commercial and PR pieces to web content, museum installations and feature films. His documentary work includes educational videos for Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley, and the Emmy® Award-winning Filmsight Production, The Next Frontier. As a script doctor, he critiques scripts and prose for individual writers and production companies. Clients’ scripts have been bought and produced by Showtime, Norman Lear, Milos Forman and Sidney Poitier. He is also the author of the fantasy novel The Imagicators and its recently released sequel, The Imagicators and the Wind Between the Worlds.

Concurrent with his Filmsight work, Brad produces and directs a weekly tech segment for Yahoo! News.