Nicholas Carter

Nicholas Carter / Middle Tennessee
Home-bound and chronically ill for over a year, once-nomadic filmmaker Nicholas unravels deeper meaning from the pain and uncertainty of a fragile moment.


Adonis Saltes / Pine Ridge, SD
Young tribal leader Adonis is struggling to keep his new, hand-built restaurant and businesses afloat on the Pine Ridge Reservation and in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Carolina 2

Carolina Martinez Araya / Puerto Rico
A wheelchair-bound and sight-impaired former dancer who recently survived the Zika virus, Carolina must now cope with the daunting challenges posed by COVID-19.


Angelica Trimble-Yanu / Portland, OR
Angelica Trimble-Yanu was born and raised in Oakland, California, and is an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota nation from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Angelica has received a Bachelors in General Fine Arts with a focus in Printmaking and Sculpture.

Linda and Peter

Linda and Peter Freund / Barcelona, Spain
Journalist Linda Freund and Artist Peter Freund both work in video, the former to answer and explain, the latter to question representation itself. This makes for a fun film collaboration...and marriage.


Milena Elias-Reyes / Brooklyn, NY
Milena Elias-Reyes is an actor, singer, songwriter, painter, baker, skater, guitar-player, jewelry-maker who happens to be a teenager from Brooklyn.


Autumn Payne / Sacramento, CA
Autumn Payne is an independent visual journalist based in Sacramento.

Copy of PamUzzell_headshot_1

Pam Uzzell / Oakland, CA
Pam is a documentary filmmaker currently living in Oakland, CA.

Ronnie Goodmand

Ronnie Goodman / San Francisco, CA
Ronnie is a self-taught homeless artist and former distance runner living in San Francisco.

This COVIDeo was shot and edited by Morgan Schmidt-Feng.


Andy Jordan / San Francisco, CA
Andy Jordan is a gay joy seeker, writing a book about mountains, isolation, and love. He's coping with a COVID-19 related layoff, while being isolated for nearly three months.

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